International Exhibition

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In regard of the 38th International Hanseatic Days, Rostock is going to create a diverse and cosmopolitan exhibition which represents the connection between hanseatic cities in trading, culture and political associations. With the aim, to show the diversity of the Hanseatic League and the prospect of the International Hanseatic Days, we would like to call all hanseatic cities to be a part of this exhibition and create an object of modern or historical art as a present for the City of Rostock. This object of exposition should show the connections between the hanseatic city and the Hanseatic League in past or present.

This object could be a painting, statue or any kind of representational art. To support the attending cities with their local art societies or art competitions, the City of Rostock provides an amount up to 1.000 EUR for each city to cover the production costs.

An artist from Rostock will take care about the illustration and rendering of all objects to create a unique hanseatic exhibition. The ceremonial opening of this exhibition with delegates from all participating cities will be on the 23rd of June during the International Hanseatic Days in Rostock. From this time, the exhibition will be open for the public.

The exhibition could travel through different hanseatic cities or Hanseatic Days to emphasize the meaning of the Hanseatic League in the past and upcoming times.

How can I participate?

Please fill out the following form and send it to

Foto: © Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 3.0 (via Wikimedia Commons)