HANSEartWORKS: Future City

What possibilities does the city offer for personal life development and the development of society? Can the historical, aesthetic, functional, ecological and economic potential of the city be photographically detected and represented? These questions are central to the concept for HANSEartWORKS 2018. In cooperation between The PhotoBookMuseum and the Hanseatic City of Rostock, 18 artists from 16 Hanseatic cities in six nations were selected to exhibit photographs of their “Future City” in two shipping containers and on large panels at Kröpeliner Tor. Another shipping container accommodates a catalog workshop where participants and visitors of preprinted double pages can compile their own photo book with all the pictures from the exhibition.With the support of the team, a personal image of the future can be placed on the cover of the exhibition catalog.

Exhibiting artists

Braunschweig (Germany): Claudia Taylor
Doesburg (Netherlands): Lysanne Buunk
Dorsten (Germany): Doris Gerhard
Gdansk (Poland): Maciej Marszalkowicz
Greifswald (Germany): Daniela Risch
Herford (Germany): Janosch Boerckel
Lübeck (Germany): Maren Winter
Neuss (Germany): Stefanie Minzenmay
Osterburg (Germany): Malina Bura
Pärnu (Estonia): Marko Toomast
Pskov (Russia): Alexej Arkipov
Pskov (Russia): Andrej Koksharov
Stargard (Poland): Anna Hibner-Cierpicka
Visby (Sweden): Tina Messing
Weliki Nowgorod (Russia): Oleg Friga
Rostock (Germany): Mareike Timm
Rostock (Germany): Gunnar Borbe
Osnabrück (Germany): Angela von Brill


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