What is the international Hanseatic Day?

The annual event is based on a long tradition. Already in the Middle Ages the members of the Hanseatic League met regularly to agree on their joint action. With the International Hansetag, the Hanseatic League of the modern era revived this custom. Every year a different Hansestadt invites you to exchange ideas and experiences, to celebrate and to get to know each other.

Why does the Hanseatic Day take place in Rostock in 2018?

Already at the Hanseatic Day 1996 in Bergen, Rostock made the request to become the organizer of the festival in 2018 – on the occasion of the 800th city birthday – and was awarded the contract.

What awaits me at the Hanseatic Day?

During the Hanseatic Day, there will be many events with music, dance, art, trade and gastronomy. The centerpiece is the Hansa Market, on which the international Hanseatic cities present themselves. There are seven market areas, stages, and ferris wheels, concerts, exhibitions, joint sailing possibilities and open-ship, economic presentations and events. The exact program can be found here.

What are the event areas?

The Hansetag is celebrated in seven event areas in the Rostock city center.

How do I travel best and where can I park?

Please find all information in the section Directions.

How can I become a Sponosor?

You want to support this great international event, present yourself and your products, be a sign of tolerance and peaceful trade, or otherwise become supporters of the Hansetags? Simply act – here you will find the respective contact person. We look forward to you!

Who can I contact for questions?

The organization office will gladly answer all your questions.

Foto: Rostock Port/Nordlicht