Hanseatic Day Rostock

38th Edition of the International Hanseatic Day

Since 1980 the Hanseatic League of the modern age celebrates the International Hanseatic Day in one of its 190 member states. From 21st to 24th June 2018, Rostock will be the host for delegates, cultural producers and traders from 16 European countries. The 38th edition of the international Hanseatic Day is a special event as the 24th June 2018 marks at the same time the 800th jubilee of the city. With the slogan “Take Action” the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock will present itself as traditional, innovative, creative and cosmopolitan.

Rostock celebrates the Hanse! Join the event!

Enter the world of the historical and modern Hanseatic League at seven different venues in the Rostock city centre. Experience the wealth of international Hanseatic Cities at Neuer Markt. Taste the traditional fish dishes at Hafenmarkt, regional delights at Alter Markt or products from the Fair-trade Market as well as from the Hanse Brunch. The City Harbour will present the importance of trade and shipping for the development of the City of Rostock. Traditional trading ships will bring their goods from Hanseatic Cities. Young and old may board the cogs or visit the historical marketplace along the quay in order to travel back in time and delve into the past of the Hanse.

Founded in 1419, the University of Rostock represents an internationally renowned centre for research. In the course of the Hanseatic Day, the university will host an Economic Conference that provides an opportunity for regional businesses to lay out their range of services and present themselves as indispensable pillars of the urban population. In line with the motto of the university, ‘Traditio et Innovatio’, through traditions we create our future.

Take action and join the International Hanseatic Day in Rostock as a visitor or supporter! Be part of the International Hanseatic Day by actively participating in the organisation and presentation of the event. In the section Join Us, you can find a number of possibilities to engage in the event. We are looking forward to seeing you! Help us  create an unforgettable event.

History of the Hanseatic Day

The annual event has a long tradition. Already since the Medieval Ages, members of the Hanseatic League met regularly in order to coordinate their joint trading. The International Hanseatic Day aims at reviving this tradition. Every year, one of the Hanseatic Cities of the League is the host for an exchange of ideas and experiences for an unforgettable get together. At the end of the 37th edition of the International Hanseatic Day in Kampen (Netherlands) in 2017, the Hanseatic Flag was symbolically handed over to the City of Rostock. Rostock hosted the second edition of the Hanseatic Day in 1358 and in 1417 the Hanseatic and University City presented the event for the last time.

photo: Hanseatic City of Stralsund