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Our press team of the 38th International Hanseatic Day Rostock 2018 will be happy to help you with your questions, with pictures, tips and hints about the event, logistical questions or the mediation of topics and discussion partners. For the event, you can accredit yourself through our form. You will then regularly receive press releases on the Hansetag as well as during the event a press pass, information material, a quiet workplace and a cup of coffee in the press office

Press Office Hanseatic Day Rostock 2018

Tourismuszentrale Rostock & Warnemünde
Büro Hanse Sail
Warnowufer 65
18057 Rostock

Phone: 0049 381 381-2963 / 0049 381 381-2964
Fax: 0049 381 381-2960


Frederike Schirra
Phone: 0049 381 381-2962

Public Relations, Online Editing, Printed Products, Social Media

Annika Schmied
Phone: 0049 381 381-2964

Public Relations, Printed Products

Britta Trapp
Phone: 0049 381 381-2963

Photo: Bureau Hanse Sail/Lutz Zimmermann