Download the program and orientation map here.

The number 7 has influenced Rostock's history. The Hansetag offers a varied program with 7 thematic event areas at 7 locations in the city center.

Neuer Markt: Hansemarkt - The Hansemarkt is located at the heart of the event on the Neuer Markt, where around 125 Hanseatic cities from 16 European countries present themselves.

Universitätsplatz: Economic market - Companies from Rostock and the surrounding area present themselves and their range of services.

Kröpeliner Tor forecourt: Fairtrade Markt - Fairtrade and regional goods.

Wodden crane: Hansekontor, Fish and harbor market

Silo-Halbinsel: Historical market

City harbour: Main stage

Alter Markt: Fairtrade and Regional market

Thursday, 21. June