Presentation of the Hanse Business Concept

From 21st to 24th June 2018, the 38th edition of the international Hanseatic Day will be celebrated as a central event of the 800th birthday of the City of Rostock. Together with Holger Bellgardt, Manager of the Organising Office, Manuela Balan, Director of the trade association Rostock-Mittleres Mecklenburg e.V., introduced the business programme for the Hanseatic Day to representatives of economy, tourism and economic sponsors during the Hanse Evening North in Buxtehude.

The “Hanse Business” concept entails two aspects. On the one hand, the economic forum “Science – Economy – Growth” plans a pitch presentation format with slots of 800 seconds in seven subject areas which allows young business founders to present their ideas and products to potential national as well as international business partners in the auditorium of the University of Rostock.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs of the 187 member cities of the City League The Hanse are encouraged to ship typical products of their region via cogs to Rostock. These will be unloaded by the historical wooden crane in the City Harbour. The products will then be presented in the Hanse kontor in order to promote their destinations.

“We were able to inspire the participants of the Hanse Evening North with our presentation. Manuela Balan is an excellent manager for the ‘Hanse Business’ project. We are sure she will be able to win more partners for this programme element”, summarises Rita Berkholz, Project Manager of the 38th edition of the International Hanseatic Day in Rostock. Take action and be part of our Hanse Business Programme!

Annika Schmied