The future city. A photo exhibition in public space

When we think of a future city, we usually imagine glittering skyscrapers, slums, or flying cars on multi-lane sky roads. What is often ignored in such visions is the eye for details, for the people who conquer their everyday life in these settings. The photo exhibition about the city of the future turns away from the dazzling panorama, towards the people and how they use these cities.

It concentrates on the diverse possibilities cities have to offer to shape ones life and also on the opportunities for future development of society. Does the Russian city of Pskov have to offer any space of action to its young people? How do children from Swedish Visby pick up any knowledge about their town? How does a city change when people spend more and more time in virtual spaces? Such questions are addressed by the photographers of the exhibition „Future City – City of the Future“, which is to be seen on the occasion of the 38th International Hanseatic Days from 22 to 24 June 2018 in Rostock. Photographers from the member cities of the Hanseatic League were called to participate. 18 artists from 16 Hanseatic cities in six nations were selected from all applications. Their pictures show a wide range of photographic approaches, from documentary photos to digitally generated images, from visions of the ecological city to an aging society.

Photo credits (chronological order): Alexej Arkipov | Pskow, Fog of the Future, 2017; Andrej Koksharov | Pskow, Holi Color Festival, 2015; Gunnar Borbe | Rostock, Verengung, 2017; Janosch Boerckel | Herford, Modul, 2011; Lysanne Buunk | Doesburg, Beinum West, 2017; Maciej Marszalkowicz | Danzig, Lights of Harbor, 2017; Oleg Friga | Weliki Nowgorod, Next, 2017; Tina Messing | Visby, Grab, 2012

The photographs will be displayed in public space in front of the Kröpeliner Tor – in shipping containers as well as on large, widely visible panels. One of the containers hosts a photo book workshop. Here, visitors can compile their own catalog of all the pictures that were part of the exhibition. This format was developed by The PhotoBookMuseum. Founded in 2014 in Cologne, it is the first museum in the world which dedicated itself exclusively to impart knowledge on photo books. Mobile exhibition formats and workshops are favored among others to introduce the art of the photobook to the general public.

Conversations and guided tours with present artists are part of the exhibition.

Exhibiting artists

Braunschweig (Germany): Claudia Taylor
Doesburg (Netherlands): Lysanne Buunk
Dorsten (Germany): Doris Gerhard
Gdansk (Poland): Maciej Marszalkowicz
Greifswald (Germany): Daniela Risch
Herford (Germany): Janosch Boerckel
Lübeck (Germany): Maren Winter
Neuss (Germany): Stefanie Minzenmay
Osterburg (Germany): Malina Bura

Pärnu (Estonia): Marko Toomast
Pskow (Russia): Alexej Arkipov
Pskow (Russia): Andrej Koksharov
Stargard (Poland): Anna Hibner-Cierpicka
Visby (Sweden): Tina Messing
Weliki Nowgorod (Russia): Oleg Friga
Rostock (Germany): Mareike Timm
Rostock (Germany): Gunnar Borbe
Osnabrück (Germany): Angela von Brill


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