Ship of Tolerance


The art project „Ship of Tolerance“ was developed and implemented by the Russian-American artist couple Ilya and Emilia Kabakov in 2005 with the aim of communicating respect and acceptance of foreign cultures and ideas. At that time, the project began in Siwa, Egypt, from where eight ships have been launched all over the world by now. The Rostock model is to become worldwide the ninth and the first German ship of this type. For the Hanseatic day, the ship is to be stocked with 800 colorful, self-painted sails in the Ludewig Basin decorating the city harbor. The sails are designed by children and young people of all ages according to their ideas of respect and tolerance, resulting in different motives.
Parallel to the project, an exhibition of the Kabakovs will take place in the Rostock Kunsthalle from May to October.

Its colourful sails invite the guests of the Hanseatic Day to take a closer look of the "Ship of Tolerance". Foto: Jens Krauer.


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