“Cheers everyone”

Festive Opening of the Hanseatic Market

With song, dance, and the traditional tapping of the beer keg, the Hanseatic Market opened. Jan Lindenau, hanseatic foreman, Uwe Kästner, master brewer of the Hanseatic Brewerie Rostock, and Mayor Roland Methling spoke the greeting and subsequently tapped the brew specially made for this 800 year city anniversary. “With this, I now declare the Hanseatic Market open to all”, cheers Lindenau.

Jan Lindenau, Vormann der Hanse, Uwe Kästner, Braumeister der Hanseatischen Brauerei Rostock und Oberbürgermeister Roland Methling (v.l.) eröffneten den Hansemarkt mit dem traditionellen Bierfassanstich. Foto: Susanne Gidzinski

Photo: Susanne Gidzinski

Altogether, 190 cities belong to the Hanseatic League. But not for long, as Methling announces: “Today, I’m delighted to share with you all, that we will be growing by two cities this year.” The Dutch city Rijssen-Holten and the Russian city Vyschnij Volotschjok will enter the league during this year’s Hanseatic Day. Even Hannover asked to join. “The hearts of Rostockers are always open, and the Hanse is open to all cities,” continues Methling. Jan Lindenau confirms: “All participating hanseatic cities feel welcome here in Rostock.” The faces of the visitors give off this sense as well. Together with the “Hanze Zangers” from Holland, guests sing and dance happily to the opening. The men of the shanty choir “in Rostock’s beautiful white” dress fittingly to their name. Even Smalands Karoliner and the Rostock’s town guard could not miss this event

People, who would like to learn about the traditions and uniqueness of the individual represented cities, and taste the delicacies of the various nations, should not shy away from the path through the Hanseatic Market. Among the exhibitors, who are presenting their individual cities, is the Northern German mint. For the past ten years, Peter Wermke and his wife Ilona Bartel have been producing numerous unique coins. For the 38th Hanseatic Day, they’re offering a specially-made and limited coin selection. Rostock’s emblem can also be bought in the form of shopping chips as a small souvenir.

Gerth Grobow from Pritzwalk has been involved in the Hanseatic Day seven times now. For 40 past years, he has been creating figurines out of wood in his free time. At the moment he is working on an eagle that, once finished, is meant to be a present for the city of Pritzwalk. “I create anything that calls to me. I’m working on the wolf and eagle today, since they’re on the city crest” says Grobow.

Everyone, who would like to taste the specialties of the various hanseatic cities, can look forward to tasty waffles, sea buckthorn nectar and jam.


Susanne Gidzinski