The first Hanse exhibition has opened

In the University of Music and Drama, artwork from over 70 cities is exhibited

On the occasion of Rostock’s 800th birthday, many presented the city with gifts. The Hanse exhibition was opened by Mayor Roland Methling and the foreman of the Hanse Jan Lindenau in the University for Music and Drama. “The exhibit titled Inspiration through Diversity shows how the displayed cities can be modern and yet traditional,” says Rostock’s mayor.

Jan Lindenau und Roland Methling eröffnen die Hanse-Ausstellung in der Hochschule für Musik und Theater Foto: Lara Lichtenthäler

Photo: Lara Lichtenthäler

The exhibit is one of a kind for the Hanseatic Day. For the first time, artists from the participating cities were called to create artwork relevant to the Hanseatic Period. “This idea contained a bit of self-interest,” says Methling, laughing. “Since the city is celebrating a centenary birthday, we arranged for a few presents.”

The artists from the over 60 cities were supported financially from Rostock, including the Lunenburg artists Karin Greife, Elke Kuhse, and Swantje Crone. They reproduced the prestigious gables of Lübeck’s inner city. These are designed with elements of the Hanse Period. “The artwork makes connections between the Hanseatic Period and the other involved cities,” says Annette Beer-Kullin from the city of Lübeck.

Lindenau is also delighted by the uniqueness of the exhibition. „The exhibition is one of a kind and special,” asserts Lübeck’s mayor. The art pieces should reflect each city and tell their story. “Despite the few directions allowing open interpretation, there are still quite a lot of similarities among all the artwork” emphasizes Lindenau.

Giebel aus Lüneburg für die Hanse-Ausstellung. Es wurden originale Giebel aus der Backsteingotik nachgestellt und mit Motiven aus der Hanse gestaltet Foto: Lara Lichtenthäler

Photo: Lara Lichtenthäler

The organizers of the International Hanseatic Day also received some gifts. The mayor of Riga, Juris Radzevičs, presented Holger Bellgardt – Head of Hanse Sail – and co-organizer Daniela Kayßer with gifts from the city of Riga, including a glass window picture.

Sergei Wassiljiew from the Russian city Pskov built a Viking ship out of metal inscribed with the words Pskow – Rostock for the exhibition. “We are working on a ferry route from Rostock to Pskov for the future,” states Methling with a smile.


Lara Lichtenthäler