Autumn Commission in Kampen

From 4th to 6th of November 2016, the meeting of the autumn commission of the “City League The Hanse” was held in Kampen (Netherlands). The Hanse Sail office team was represented with three staff members who introduced parts of the programme for the 38th edition of the International Hanseatic Day 2018 in Rostock.

Project Manager Rita Berkholz summarises: “We were able to establish a number of good contacts and managed to advance plans for the Rostock version of the Hanseatic Day. Among other things, the ‚Kamper Kogge‘ confirmed its participation in 2018 in Rostock which means that the 12 crew members will have to embark on a two week journey.” Yet, the Hanse ship shall not be left with an empty stomach. “We called on the Hanseatic Cities to ship typical food with the cogs on their journey to Rostock and to bring it on offer in the Hanse trading station.”

Anke Dartsch and Ivana Stijelja were equally impressed by the meeting of the Commission. The get-together offered already an idea of the 37th edition of the International Hanseatic Day in Kampen. “With innovative ideas, the organisers enriched the traditional concept of the event”, reports Anke Dartsch. “The bar is raised but we are ready to accept the challenge.”

In autumn 2017, the Hanseatic League meets in Rostock where due on the occasion of the 800th birthday of the city, the Hanseatic Day will be celebrated with 400.000 visitors and representatives from 187 Hanseatic Cities from 21st to 24th June 2018.

Annika Schmied