With the dawn of the 800th anniversary year, the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock sets course for the 38th International Hanseatic Days from 21 to 24 June 2018. „For the first time in 600 years, Rostock will host a Hanseatic day again – this is truly a special event. The Tourist Board Rostock & Warnemünde organizes a high-quality event with the International Hanseatic Day, which makes our touristic strengths come alive, „says Tourism Director Matthias Fromm with delight.

Companies from the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock agreed to participate as partners or sponsors, especially ROSTOCK PORT. The port company will support the orientation of the Hanseatic Day as the central event of the 800th anniversary of the city with the amount of 77,777.77 euros. „We are pleased to be able to place a special attraction on the quayside with seven“ 7 „of our 800-year-old harbor town on the Warnow: the CAP SAN DIEGO, the largest, roadworthy museum cargo ship in the world from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg“ said Jens A. Scharner, one of the managing directors of ROSTOCK PORT. „With the CAP SAN DIEGO, we want to offer all Rostockers and birthday guests an incomparable ship experience on the Warnow at the 800th anniversary celebrations and help to preserve the maritime heritage at the same time.“

The subject of economics and trade is a focal point of the event. A Hanse congress brings together Europe’s small and medium-sized businesses in Rostock on June 22 and 23, providing a platform for future projects, international exchange and network expansion. „It will be a very special congress with event character, which takes place in a unique atmosphere and with an exceptional supporting program,“ reveals Manuela Balan, CEO of the Entrepreneurs Association Rostock-Mittleres Mecklenburg. It will be focussed on the seven most important sectors of Rostock: the maritime industry, the health industry, logistics, the creative, cultural and media industries, tourism, renewable energies and food and agriculture. In 800-second pitches, entrepreneurs and scientists will present their innovative business ideas and projects. The economic part of the Hanseatic Days, the Hanse Kongress, is organized by the Rostock-Mittleres Mecklenburg Entrepreneurs Association, the Rostock Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Commerce of East Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the Rostock Business Association.

Läuten den Countdown für den Hansetag Rostock 2018 ein (v.l.): Jens A. Scharner (Geschäftsführer ROSTOCK PORT GmbH), Jens Weber (Kapitän CAP SAN DIEGO), Rita Berkholz (Projektkoordinatorin Hansetag Rostock 2018), Holger Bellgardt (Leiter Büro Hanse Sail), Claus R. Madsen (Präsident der IHK zu Rostock), Manuela Balan (Geschäftsführerin Unternehmerverband Rostock-Mittleres Mecklenburg e.V.), Matthias Fromm (Tourismusdirektor Rostock & Warnemünde) und Jens Rademacher (Hauptgeschäftsführer der IHK zu Rostock). Foto: Hansetag Rostock/Klaus-Dieter Block

77 Hanseatic cities from ten nations have already registered for the Hanseatic Days in Rostock. More than 100 participating cities are expected to present themselves at the Hanseatic Market in front of the town hall and contribute to the event. In total, seven event areas are planned throughout Rostock city center.

Almost every Hanseatic city has something special in its luggage to congratulate Rostock on its birthday. Thus, the organizer of Hanseatic Day 2019, the Russian Hanseatic city of Pskov, brings along a large dance ensemble. The Estonian city of Viljandi wants to build a sauna for visitors on the Hanseatic market. Some of the Hanseatic cities are sending historic merchant ships to Rostock. Under the motto „Hanse Trading“. Cogs like „Lisa von Lübeck“ and „Wissemara“ will represent the old trading routes. The „Kamper Cog“, Flagship of the Hanseatic Days 2017 in Kampen, the Netherlands, will represent the Dutch Hanseatic Cities. Delegates and Hanse Market participants will be going to Rostock by an old Kaffenkahn. All ships should have typical goods from Hanseatic cities on board, which are unloaded in Rostock and offered here in a „Hansekontor in the city harbor“. „A pilgrim group from Lübeck, the mother of the Hanseatic League, will come to Rostock by foot and hopefully will have Lübeck marzipan in its luggage,“ says Holger Bellgardt, head of the Hanse Sail office, organisor of the 38th Hanseatic Day in Rostock.

77 youthful Hanseatic people will join the „youthHansa“ programme on board of five traditional sailing ships: the „Greif“ from Greifswald, „Fridtjof Nansen“ from Stralsund, „Johann Smidt“ from Bremen, „Santa Barbara Anna“ from Rostock and „General Zaruski“ from Gdansk. Thus, maritime skills are to be taught and international understanding promoted. The event modules „Hanse Trading“ and „Youth Hanse“ are supported by ROSTOCK PORT, too.

The city harbor will also be one of the main areas for the Hanseatic day. The NDR Sommertour will be a guest on Friday (June 22nd) on the main stage, sponsored by NDR. The festive opening will take place on Thursday evening, organized by the Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock, which will also premiere a specially composed „Jubilee Cantata“. On Saturday in the city harbor and on the old market to ROST(R)OCK-parties with Rostocker bands are invited, which end at midnight with a 2 x 800 seconds lasting maritime spectacle on the Warnow. Live broadcasts of the match Germany vs Sweden in the framework of the FIFA World Cup are planned. A Fairtrade area with regional products and craft beer will be placed at the Old Market, supported by Antenne MV.

On Sunday, following the example of the Warnemünde Niegen Ümgangs, a colorful „Rostocker Ümgang“ will take you from the New Market to the city harbor. Rostock citizens, associations, associations, institutions and companies are invited to participate.