Now it’s up to us!

Rostock takes over the Hanseatic Flag

During the closing event of the 37th edition of the International Hanseatic Day in Kampen (Netherlands), Rostock Mayor Roland Methling received the Hanseatic Flag from his counterparts from Kampen and Lübeck on a swimming stage. The flag symbolises that Rostock takes over the annual event next year. On the occasion of the 800th birthday of the city, the 38th edition of the International Hanseatic Day 2018 expects around 400.000 visitors and 2.000 delegates from up to 16 nations from 21st to 24th June 2018.

Seven event locations in the city centre invite for international encounters on the marketplaces, in front of the stages and during a rich cultural programme. The slogan “Take Action!” will be translated through different projects. Thus, during the “Hanse Business Programme” entrepreneurs from Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania and from European Hanseatic Cities will stage their innovative business concepts and projects in 800 seconds pitch presentations. Under the logo “Hanse Trading” historical trading ships will bring typical goods from other Hanseatic Cities to Rostock. These will be sold in a Hanseatic kontor. During the “Youth Hanse” young people can take part in a Sail Training Programme and for the „HANSEartWorks“, artists from the cities of the Hanseatic League can submit their image. “We would like to show that Rostock is a modern city that is aware of its traditional Hanseatic roots”, explains Project Manager Rita Berkholz.

During the 37th edition of the Hanseatic Day in Kampen, Rostock passed the baptism of fire. During the conference of delegates, the concept of the Hanseatic Day 2018 was presented to the 300 representatives. Around 200 guests participated in the Welcome Reception of the Hanseatic City and witnessed how Rostock Mayor Roland Methling symbolically set sails for the 38th edition of the International Hanseatic Day in order to be on target for Rostock 2018. “Come to Rostock, to the Baltic Sea and celebrate the 800th birthday and the International Hanseatic Day with us”, says Methling to the Kampen visitors. After his speech, an interesting trailer that invites visitors to Rostock next year was presented to the audience for the first time.

Here you can find pictures of the 37th International Hansetaic Day in Kampen.

Annika Schmied