Rehearsal for 2018

Rostock travels to Kampen

Together with the mayor of the city, Roland Methling, a large Rostock delegation will take part in the 37th International Hanseatic Day in Kampen (Netherlands) from 15th to 18th June 2017. In cooperation with the five other Hanseatic cities of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – Anklam, Demmin, Stralsund, Greifswald and Wismar – Rostock presents itself with its own stage as well as Rostock beer and sausage on the market of the Hanseatic cities. The Rostock band Bad Penny provides musical support.

From 21st to 24th June 2018, the 38th edition of the International Hanseatic Day will take place in Rostock as a central event of the city’s 800th birthday. Then the motto will be: „Take action!“ For Rostock citizens, responsible persons and organizers of the four-day festival next year, Kampen is the last opportunity to capture the atmosphere and the messages of the International Hanseatic Day.

A central official agenda is the reception of the Rostock delegation in the Stadsgehoorzaal Kampen on June 17th, where Mayor Roland Methling, together with his five office colleagues from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, will get the participating Hanseatic cities in the mood for the International Hanseatic Day in our federal state and the 800th city birthday of Rostock on June 24th. Among other things, the trailer for the Hanseatic Day 2018 will be presented.

“Equally important”, says Rita Berkholz, the project coordinator of the Rostock event, “is the presentation of the program at the delegation’s conference on the morning of June 17th with about 300 representatives from European cities. I think Kampen will organize a wonderful Hanseatic Day with a very creative program. After that, the Hanseatic cities of Europe will pay attention to Rostock with great expectations, but we have made good progress in the planning so that we can present many attractive projects and events for Rostock 2018.”

Kampen also offers the opportunity to create sympathy and commitment to the demanding Rostock projects in June 2018. These include for example an economic program to promote the international network of European business and science representatives, a program for young people from 16 countries in Europe, an art exhibition of the Hanseatic cities, and the Hanse Trading project, which includes the delivery and deletion of products from Hanseatic cities with cogs in the Rostock city harbor.

Klaus-Dieter Block